Mechanical Services Overview

Our Mechanical Services Department provides engineering solution for marine and Land-based Industries. Our product knowledge on the engineering world extends various verities of compressor, engine, pump and machines. Our engineering group has the following core capabilities in the marine and Land industrial sectors.

  • Overhaul , repairs and reconditioning of Rotating Machineries , Compressors , Winches , Gears
  • Overhaul and repairing of Pump ( Centrifugal , Reciprocating , Vertical , Vacuum ) and Piping fabrication
  • Maintenance , recondition , overhaul and replacement of all Mechanical Equipment and system
  • Shaft alignment of Rotating Machineries


  • Hot water and heating System
  • Heat Pump and heat recovery system
  • Mechanical ventilation system ( ducting system )
  • Air-conditioning system & equipment ( HVAC , Chiller and AHU )
  • Humidity controls system, Refrigerant recovery and Refrigeration systems.